Is There Sexism in Cartoon Shows?

The concept of feminism is getting a lot of attention and efforts are made across the world to help women achieve the same rights as men. Though according to most laws, women have the same rights as the men and are considered equal to men, the reality is way too different. Women are still considered to be beneath men and not their equals at many places.

Things are so bad that the answer to the question, is there sexism in cartoon shows is yes. Don’t believe us. Have a look at a few examples, and you’ll realize what we are saying is nothing but the truth.


In the popular cartoon show Doraemon, women are shown as nothing but the caretakers of house and families. They have no employment and every minute of their time is devoted to taking care of the family. The male protagonist, Nobita is a lazy boy who dreams of marrying a much sharper girl Shizuka and earning money from employment while she just handles the home chores and takes care of the kids. There are many sexual harassment scenes in the cartoon as well because Nobita is seeing secretly watching Shizuka bathe and even pulling her skirt.

Johnny Bravo

If you are a 90s kid, you surely remember the 90s cartoon Johnny Bravo in which the male protagonist often flirts with women randomly and irks them even if they have done nothing but walk down the street. The cartoon doesn’t criticize his behavior, but he is made to look like a stud who has big muscles and looks good. Also, the women in the show are all attractive just because they are slim which makes kids think that only women who are slim are attractive.


Who doesn’t remember Popeye and his amazing strength after he ate spinach? Yes, he was a very strong and brave man, but he spent most of his time in saving Olive from Brutus, a villain who constantly kidnapped Olive and harassed her in one way or the other.  Olive was portrayed as a weak woman who cannot defend herself and has to depend on Popeye to save her. The damsel in distress theory was repeated again and again which usually makes kids think that women need protection and can’t handle themselves.

All these instances prove that women are not given the respect they deserve even in the world of cartoons. How sad is that when you think we are living in the 21st century.

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