Top Rated Cartoon Shows for Adult

It is a common belief that cartoon shows are for the kids. But the fact is most people, even adults like to watch cartoons to pass the time and have a few laughs. If you are also an adult who is looking for some entertainment and action, then you should read the list of top rated cartoon shows mentioned right here.


There is hardly any person on earth who watches television and hasn’t heard of SpongeBob. It is the highest rated show of all times by Nickelodeon. The idea behind the cartoon is so simple that it appeals to everyone from kids to the adults. SpongeBob is a bright-eyed, naïve fats food cook while his friend Patrick is short-tempered and dumb. The duo makes the life of their co-worker, Squidward miserable.

Samurai Jack

The visuals of this show make it unique. It follows the journey of an unnamed samurai who is sent to a dystopian future. The conclusion to this show was bloody, intense and emotionally devastating and yet it appealed to all the followers who had followed it for five seasons.


The animated series of everyone’s favorite superhero Batman set the standards high for quality superhero storytelling by using incredible art and complex themes. It also gave a welcome faithfulness to the crime-fighting origins of the title character. This cartoon series won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. Its success is even more intense given the fact that it was made during an era when movie studios were not inclined to do a dark portrayal of Batman.

The Simpsons

If you could think of a cartoon that has made everyone its fans, from toddlers to the elderly, then the Simpsons should be on the top of your mind. The first ten years of the show were iconic and helped it to be a brand that other cartoon shows still have a hard time competing with. Some of the episodes that are a testament to its class are Mr. Plow, Marge vs. the Monorail and Cape Feare.

BoJack Horseman

Adults who don’t want to laugh at silly jokes but also want to experience dark dramedy can try this cartoon that features Will Arnett as an alcoholic horse who hates himself and is fighting depression. The show is best known for its unexpected drama and moving moments that were capable of being as good as any live-action TV series.

What are you waiting for? Binge watch all these cartoons as soon as you can and spend your precious time wisely!

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